Enrique Santos

Enrique Santos

Enrique Santos

- Univision Radio

Enrique SantosMr. E” is host of the popular “Enrique Santos Show,” live from Univision Radio’s Miami affiliate, WRTO-FM MIX 98.3 (6-10AM Monday thru Friday) & "Latinos 11" Weekly Countdown (Saturday & Sunday) WRTO-FM MIX 98.3 Miami & WXNY-FM X96.3 New York.

Born to Cuban parents and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Santos gravitates fluidly between the Hispanic/Latino and mainstream American radio landscapes. His bilingual broadcasts are a crossover hit combining humor, social satire, and political commentary to bridge the cultural and generational divide of a diverse cosmopolitan audience.

Santos has built an enthusiastic following with a comedic repertoire consisting of phone pranks, interviews and a trademark form of fresh and unique interaction amongst celebrities.

Santos’ outlandish radio persona has made him one of the most popular Hispanic talk-hosts in America and earned him unprecedented access to some of the biggest names in pop culture. Santos has interviewed a wide range of celebrities, musicians, and newsmakers, including Celia Cruz, O.J. Simpson, P Diddy, Andy Garcia, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Penelope Cruz, Oscar De La Hoya, Carlos Ponce, Pitbull, Jamie Foxx, Shawn and Marlon Wayan, George Lopez, Emilio and Gloria Estefan.  His clout extends even to the political arena where Santos has conducted interviews with prominent figures such as Senators Joseph Lieberman, John McCain, Marco Rubio and Vice President Joe Biden.

Indications of Santos’ mass-market appeal are abundant: “Enrique Santos Show” has consistently broken sales and audience records.  His accomplishments have also been featured in Newsweek, Ocean Drive, The New York Times, The Miami Herald, People & Billboard Magazine, CNN, NBC & Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report”.  He has made numerous local, national and international TV appearances. He was a judge on Univision’s reality TV show “Viva el Sueño” and regularly appears on Univision’s leading programs, including “Don Francisco Presenta” (Don Francisco Presents), “El Gordo y La Flaca” (The Scoop and the Skinny), and TeleFutura’s “EscandaloTV” (Showbiz TV).  Santos’ cross over appeal was perhaps most evident in a simulcast with none other than the self-proclaimed “King of All Media” Howard Stern.

Stern may indeed be the “King of all ‘English’ Media”; and Santos, the “King of all ‘Spanglish’ Media”.  As host of “Enrique Santos Show,” Santos has proven himself a particularly adept satirist. Santos gained international notoriety as “The Prank Call Master” for a series of presidential prank phone calls victimizing President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, the late Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, and the comedic “coup d’etat” – the duping of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro that inspired an obscenity-laced diatribe from the embarrassed leader. The spree marked the first time in the history of radio broadcasting that a morning show had crank-called the leader of any nation.  It was perhaps controversial moves such as these that led to Santos’ invitation to visit Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and The White House under the Obama Administration, where he became the first to dance salsa with then newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. He certainly has a way of attracting attention.

His deft understanding of socially relevant trends and talent for humor and irony has not prevented Mr. Santos from heartfelt participation in the community. Santos has received numerous awards and accolades for his charity and community efforts including disaster relief in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the deadly Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and most recently in Japan.  He lends his talents annually to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital’s radio marathon benefiting young cancer victims and their loved ones.  Additionally, Santos is an advocate for the Hispanic Aids Awareness Program (HAAP) and served as spokesperson for a statewide HIV prevention and awareness program led by Florida’s then Governor Jeb Bush. In fact, Santos’ affinity for community service may have led indirectly to his radio career. While working as a police officer with the City of North Miami, Santos’ personality caught the eye (and ear) of a Miami radio station program director.  Santos soon parlayed an opportunity on the overnight shift into a regular stint working weekends. That marked the beginning of more than a decade of groundbreaking radio programming.  However, no matter how busy his schedule; Santos has never lost his community ties and continues volunteering as a Reserve Police officer for The City of Miami Police Department.